Accessory ideas for the modern gentleman – Part 1 – Through the looking glass…

accessory ideas  
for the modern gentleman

I love adding little touches to my outfits, so much so that I have even begun making my own felt additions, in the form of flowers for my lapels! I’ve done a few now, daffodils, pansies, and some just random nondescript flowers.
Accessories can add a splash of colour to an outfit and can finish off that perfect look.

In this blog post, which will form part of a series, we will look at different accessories. I am including what you will generally find in the “accessories menu” of fashion buying websites in this, so that will be;
Pocket Squares,
Hats, Scarves and Gloves

I will aim to have something written up at appropriate times of the year.
When I find new items, I will add to my blog posts with updates!

Today I’m going to look at the rather wonderful little accessories knitted by Alice O’Connell in Amsterdam, and how I’ve brought them into my outfits.

Wool & Water Bow Tie Lapel Pins

Alice is a British Actress who learnt to knit during down time on set. Now living in Amsterdam she knits some really lovely fashion accessories including knitted ties, bow ties, bow tie lapel pins, suspenders, and even bow ties for pets.

I first became aware of Alice’s work after looking about for some quirky outfit additions. I’d noticed that J. Willgoose Esq of the band Public Service Broadcasting was wearing some really rather funky knitted bow ties…
I’m quite a fan of both the band and the attire, so after some google searches I was able to find a post on Alice’s blog. Success!
But, alas whilst I love bow ties on others I’m not such a big wearer of these myself – and I couldn’t bare to have Alice knit me a bow tie (she knits to order), for it to be only worn on the odd occasion.
But quite luckily there was another option for bow tie related goodness and something which I immediately had masses of ideas for.

These were her bow tie lapel pins, which are a thing of beauty in themselves…

I first ordered a mustard yellow one (I have a bit of a preoccupation with mustard yellow, for some reason) from her standard range, but believe me there is nothing standard about them, even in the non-customised options the bow tie lapel pins are only produced to a maximum of 25, they are knitted to order and as such each are unique. This makes them even more special!
My mustard yellow one was certainly well travelled too. Alice started knitting it in England, it went back to Amsterdam, and landed again in England on my doorstep!

Alice’s packaging is also second to none, each item is lovingly made and packed ready to delight you as you open it…

The pins are amazing. So amazed was I that I took the opportunity to have one custom knitted, in colour of my choosing, I already had an idea for an effective yet subtle addition to a blazer I had bought from Moss Bros.
I chose a turquoise colour.
The order was placed, Alice started knitting and about a week later the one off pin arrived.

A beautifully knitted, consciously different Lapel Pin

Tying the elements into an outfit

These pins are perfect for setting yourself aside from the crowd, especially at weddings or events, I wear them regularly to work, giving my office outfits a bit of difference.
These beautiful pins really do excel at improving an outfit, but how do I tie them in to my wardrobe.

Quite easily, my idea about the succinct blue combination worked really well. By in large down to how great these pins are, how uniquely stunning they look, and how different they are… They offer inspiration and it won’t be difficult to dream up outfit ideas to add these pins to.
Use the pin to bring out colours in your outfit, add colour to the outfit, or to compliment colours which are in the outfit itself.

My all blue idea was born out of my love for my initial mustard yellow pin. I built the rest of the outfit around it. A white shirt, my Moss London slim fit blue textured jacket and a blue knitted tie from Next work really well on their own, they are hoisted into the realm of ultimate sartorial elegance by the bespoke knitted creation of Alice’s. Equally this could have worked with the yellow knitted tie, and yellow lapel pin.

My original mustard yellow pin really does suit most outfits, again it stimulates ideas about colour and pairings.

Pairing my mustard yellow pin, with a Moss London mustard knitted tie a white shirt and a grey textured blazer seemed to be the natural choice.

To visit Wool & Water click here
For the range of Bow Tie Lapel Pins click here
To order a bespoke item click here

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